General Office Policies:

  • You are encouraged to ask questions on any health-related topic and take an active role in your healthcare. You are welcome to have a friend or relative participate in your appointments.
  • Information shared with me is strictly confidential. Exceptions to this include disclosure by you regarding intention to harm yourself or others. Your record and the information contained within it will not be disclosed to others unless you authorize me to do so. You will be required to authorize disclosure to your primary care physician to ensure coordination of care.
  • Initial consultation of up to 2 hours with me will be at your home or office and I can also see you at my office space in Chatham, New Jersey. Subsequent follow-ups will be up to 1 hour. These appointments can be done in person. Future appointments may be considered for telemedicine visits as well. If you wish to have a telemedicine appointment, please check with your insurance as most of those services are not eligible for medical insurance reimbursement yet. Also includes reviewing your records and forms submit via the patient portal. Subsequent visits are up to 1 hour and can be done in person or on the phone as needed.
    If you wish to have a telemedicine appointment, please check with your insurance as most of those services are not eligible for medical insurance reimbursement.
  • Nutrition services can be provided in the form of wholistic nutrition coaches, certified nutritionist or Masters level nutritionists. Dr. Rand will decide on the kind of nutrition expert you need based on the complexity of your case.
  • A $150 deposit toward your first patient appointment is required to secure your appointment.
  • Cancellation policy: a 72 hour cancellation policy for new patient consultations and a 48 hour cancellation policy for established patients. There will be a 20% of fee charge for late cancellations.
  • Payment for visits are expected at the time of service. I accept cash/checks/credit cards and FSA/HSA credit cards.
  • I do not participate with any insurance carriers including Medicare. I can give you a detailed bill with appropriate medical codes and procedures that you may submit to your insurance carrier for out of network benefits. Medicare will not accept my superbills. However if you do have a secondary insurance with Medicare, you can check to see if my services might be covered.
  • I offer several specialty tests in my practice. Many of these laboratory tests are typically covered by commercial insurance and Medicare. Some, however, are not covered, or only partially covered. I will explain expected fees and have you pay the laboratory companies directly for any out-of-pocket fees. I do not up-charge fees for lab tests through my office. For your convenience, I also have a mobile phlebotomist who can come to your home/office for no additional charge. She is able to submit to laboratory companies covered by your insurance.
  • Supplements can be purchased through links on my website to Fullscripts or several other vendors. I pass on significant everyday discounts for supplements.
  • I will share supplement and prescription medications, along with laboratory results, with your primary care physician.
  • I encourage patients to email me with any questions regarding their treatment plan. If there is a need for longer discussion regarding new symptoms or new concerns, I recommend you schedule a follow-up appointment with me. Questions that require more than 5-minute responses fit this scenario. Additionally if it has been more than 8 weeks since your last appointment, schedule an appointment rather then email me.
  • Scope of Care: I do not cover for emergencies, after-hours care, or disability requests. I will be your functional medicine consultant and not your primary care physician. I require that you do have a primary care physician. I do not be take calls on evenings or weekends so emergency calls do need to go through your primary care physician. As I am no longer doing primary care, I cannot fill out disability forms under any circumstances.
  • Opioid medications: I will not be prescribing opioid medications for any purposes. I may, however, prescribe low-dose naltrexone for certain conditions.
  • Please contact me for fees regarding your treatment.