ArtichokeYou will learn to listen to your body more and figure out what foods make you feel good and not so good. We will address the psychology of your eating. I know people feel they “deserve” this food or that and we can talk about the 90/10 rule of life.

Educating patients about how to eat what’s from the earth and not eating processed packaged food is vitally important as well.  Eating colorful fruits and vegetables every day will also be an important tenet of my educating you. I laugh when I discuss this with my daughter and she realizes that orange doesn’t mean Cheetos, it means oranges, peppers, carrots, etc!

Learning how to do this on a budget and with time constraints is possible. With the help of my nutrition coach our team will be able to show you how to achieve this.

I do ask patients to fill out a 3-7 day food diary before seeing me. I am amazed at how many people think they are eating healthy. However, when I review this information, I see how often meals are skipped and the variety and volume of nutrients in a single day might be low. Some foods that are considered healthy for some might not be healthy for you. If you have developed a food sensitivity or intolerance for a particular food, for example, it might not be helping you until we address some underlying factors first.  When we can get your bodily systems healthy and balanced like your gut we can often re-introduce foods and see what works best for you!

I work with nutrition coaches, Functional Nutrition Specialists and even Masters Level Functional Medicine Nutritionists depending on what she feels you might need.