Getting Started with Dr. Rand

Though I am a board-certified internal medicine physician, I am serving as a consultative functional medicine physician only. I will be happy to communicate with your primary care or other doctors if needed to coordinate your care. I do need all of my patients to have an active primary care physician on file.

Call or email me to schedule your appointments by emailing: or call me at 914-819-8583.

I do require you fill out your new patient forms 1 week prior to seeing me. I also review other labs/documents you send me that up to 2 years old. Prior to that you can bring those documents to your first patient appointment to see if I need to review them.

Initial visit is 1.5-2 hours/follow ups are generally one hour. Please contact me for pricing.

After your first visit I usually order a battery of tests that I ask get completed as soon as possible. I recommend a follow up appointment 6 weeks after initial visit to give time to get all of your results back. If there is something urgent in your lab results I will contact you directly and will decide at that point if you need to come back in sooner or we can handle the issue over the phone.

My practice focuses on many concerns including fatigue, mood issues such as depression and anxiety, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalance issues such as perimenopause and menopause, weight issues, and many more. I also focus on optimizing your health by evaluating your nutritional status and when needed offering targeted genetic testing to support your health goals. You don’t need to have a “problem” to see me. I am here to maximize your health…instead of waiting for diseases to emerge and then treat.

Prior to your first visit:

I will send you a link to my patient portal where you will register to get on that site. There will be a patient intake form that includes multiple questionnaires. Be prepared to spend up to an hour filling this out.  Please make sure to fill out completely 1 week prior to your first appointment with me. This will allow me to review all of your information thoroughly prior to your initial appointment.

Initial appointment:

Either at your house or your office we will be spending up to 2 hours together. We will be reviewing the issues that are bothering you most. You will also have a routine exam conducted as well. Prior to the end of the visit we will start then discuss initial recommendations to follow. Once your lab tests are complete and you have a follow up with me, you will be asked to see my holistic nutritional coach, Elizabeth Girourd to implement any specific dietary recommendations I have asked of you. She and I will discuss your case prior to your seeing her. If you need to see her prior to your second appointment with me, that can be arranged as well. She can be reached at 908-358-5139 or

Elizabeth Girouard is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is the founder of Pure Simple Wellness, a holistic health coaching and training service and Zing Meals, a gourmet healthy meal delivery company. Elizabeth has learned from experience that “Food is Medicine”. After years of struggling with her own health issues - including allergies, skin sensitivities, lyme disease, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue and digestion problems, Elizabeth changed her diet and lifestyle, creating a new path to her own wellness. By working together in partnership, Elizabeth has helped hundreds of clients find the food and lifestyle choices that best support them. She meets clients where they are today and helps them cultivate healthier behaviors, rather than following the ‘quick fix’ mentality. She offers numerous services, including gourmet, healthy prepared meals, and programs to help clients incorporate gradual, lifelong changes so they can live the happy, healthy, balanced lives they deserve.

Her rates for individual consultations are $150 for 55 minutes and $85 for 30 minutes. In between sessions, she will be available for questions via email. Lengthy questions will be discussed during consultation sessions, rather than via email.

Follow up visits with Dr. Rand:

The first follow up visit will be to review all of your labs tests and see how you are feeling with any of the lifestyle changes we discussed were needed after your initial visit. You will be able to purchase supplements through my online stores at Fullscripts and other vendors such as Xymogen, Biotics and others. I recommend follow up testing usually 4-6 months after you have implemented a new program of diet/lifestyle/and supplements to see how these changes have affected your laboratory work.