Hello and Welcome

Welcome to a physician who cares about helping you feel better and become as healthy as possible. Dr. Rand uses her 25 years of internal medicine experience along with her functional and holistic medicine backgrounds to help you find the answers to why you aren’t feeling well. You don’t need to feel “sick” to see her either. She will be able to optimize your health wherever you are on the wellness spectrum.

After a thorough history and physical, she will be able to identify factors such as sleep and stress that may be sabotaging your health. In addition, she offers specialized laboratory testing that provides biochemical, nutritional, and genetic data to help you more fully understand the deeper issues behind your  medical concerns.

Dr. Rand will take you on a journey exploring the vast array of factors that contribute to your health and sense of well-being.

Functional medicine is personalized medicine that deals with the root cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms. Functional medicine is a proactive model of medicine rather than the reactive model of Western medicine!

You will be able to partner with a physician instead of feeling that you have no say or control of your health.

Dr. Rand can come to you.

"I have done home visits in the past when doing geriatric work and enjoy seeing how people live. It gives me extra information that helps me take better care of my patients. I like the old fashion feel as well. If you live too far away or don't want me to come to you, I do see patients in an office setting a few days/week."

Dr. Rand can travel to your home or office within 20 minutes of Summit, New Jersey.

Dr. Victoria Rand

IFM Certified PractionerI am Board certified in Internal Medicine, a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, and an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Physician.

Dr. Victoria Rand, MD is a graduate of Cornell University. Victoria completed medical school at Weill Cornell Medical School, and trained in Internal Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. She is an IFM certified practitioner. She has lectured nationally on topics of integrative medicine and has edited book chapters on herbal medicine. Victoria believes that we all deserve a functional, patient-centered approach to our health.

CDP BADGE (4)When she is not seeing patients she can be found in Summit, New Jersey and Salisbury, Connecticut with her husband and daughter. You also might find her at the gym taking a hot yoga class or lifting weights.

Interests: thyroid, hormones, mental illness, digestive health, managing stress, cancer prevention, and autoimmune disease.


Diet is so key for your wellbeing and life and I do subscribe to the adage that “FOOD is MEDICINE.”

I actually believe that what we eat is one of the most powerful ways we have of improving and enhancing our health. There is no one diet I use for every person. I will discuss with you the core diet you might need when we start working together and then we can enhance it over time depending on your specific needs. I will always recommend a diet that focuses on a more plant-based whole food approach. 



With functional medicine we can explore the right kind of exercise for you. Basically, we all need to move throughout the day. Many of us have jobs where we sit all day. Being sedentary like that can be harmful.  Even getting up 5 minutes each hour to stretch and breathe and walk around the desk can make all the difference to your overall health.

There are also patients who over-exercise and that can have problems too.  People don’t realize how excessive execise can damage our adrenal glands and sabotage our health goals.

With the individual approach you will have with Dr. Rand, we can figure out together what works best for you.

Coming soon see Dr. Rand’s blog about exercise.


You have probably heard the saying “meditate or medicate.” We are all living very full and sometimes overwhelming lives in the 21st century. Learning to slow down to eat our food or sitting looking out the window and doing nothing are ways to start a meditative practice. Dr. Rand will share her strategies for adding meditation into your weekly schedule. No one is perfect, we have to forgive ourselves and work toward our goals in a positive manner. Making changes like this can be hard, but it is doable and Dr. Rand will be there to help.